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Step Up Resource

Humble Beginnings

“Never underestimate the difference YOU can make in the lives of others. Step forward, reach out and help this week reach to someone that might need a lift”

Why help someone else today?

I remember the day I became homeless with two young dependents and no possible income to support them or even myself.  I remember the feeling of being lost without one idea of how to put a roof over our head.  It was so hard to lose my youth and feel as though my poor choices had ended my future even before it had begun… The resounding sound of “failure” was drumming through my mind.  All I wanted was for anyone to just grab my hand and help me up from the hole I had fallen into… there must be a way, can someone, anyone please point it out to me?  Please help.

It is very hard to offer help to a person in need. The range of needs can be so diverse and the answers may not fit each person in the same fashion.  Help requires a one on one method with modifications to suit each individual’s needs.  The opportunity to get specific help will provide the greatest percentage of success.  It is our goal to understand the specific needs and share the most applicable methods for addressing those needs through networking and coaching.  We will continue to grow our network with individuals that can help each other through learned and applied methods.

Assessing Needs

This program is designed to help anyone and connect seekers with teachers/mentors in numerous different categories.  We are providing a Step UP to anyone seeking a change.  We are also connecting people with skills to those who want to learn.  You might know where you want to focus your training and development or maybe you just need to sit down and design a game plan. Either method is acceptable when mapping a method for your current needs.

Some candidates have come just to address a current need while others are starting a new business and need to redesign their credit history.  Nothing is too great or too small, when it comes to designing an action plan for your life. 

Accessing Abilities

Many people are interested in working with individuals on specific skills.  Your knowledge might be very specific like GED training or more general like financial advisory skills, every skill has a place and purpose in the lives of people who are seeking a mentor.  To be matched with individuals that are currently wanting to receive insight about a challenge they are facing with tools to turn those challenges into opportunities is an excellent choice to give back to the community.

We have witnessed the benefit of being present to assist with challenges at that moment where Stepping Up would keep a person or family from suffering a second or even third loss because of a challenging moment in their lives. We do not have to make long standing commitments to make the key changes in someone’s life.  

We do need to share our skills and help each other lighten the burden.